Lab-Authenticity Officially Launched

CeBioLabs is happy to have successfully launched The world's first platform for decentrally stored and verified Lab Analysis in the Blockchain. The CBSL token is implemented as the primary payment method on the platform.

We join the German Hemp Association

CeBioLabs has joined the German Cannabis Association with its parent company CeBiol Blockchain Solutions GmbH. We hope for strong synergies and helpful information on the topic of legalization of cannabis in Germany.

What is CeBioLabs?
Why choose CeBioLabs ($CBSL)?

CeBioLabs is a collective of 3 German companies with years of experience in the fields of Cannabis, CBD and Blockchain. We will combine the Blockchain technology with the emerging Cannabis and CBD market and actively develop and implement the following projects: unique Blockchain-based Supply Chain Management Solution for CBD and Cannabis value chains, a (decentralized) Marketplace for Cannabis and CBD producers and consumers, a Blockchain-based Platform for Certificates of Authenticity (e.g. laboratory reports) of CBD and Cannabis Products, global E-Commerce Projects in the field of CBD and Cannabis as well as Research and Development activities to develop and introduce new Cannabis/CBD Technologies.

Our CBSL Token will play an important role as the link between all our products. Only CBSL will be available to companies to pay the usage fees for our B2B solutions and services. We are planning numerous global paid services and products for companies, which is why the CBSL Token will have an important benefit for our network. Private holders of CBSL can also benefit from numerous advantages such as free products, exclusive offers or using CBSL as a payment method in some of our CBD and Cannabis shops. Any CBSL paid to us as usage fees will be locked for a minimum of 3 years! We will also use 10% of all profits from the company CeBiol GmbH (part of the CeBioLabs collective) for CBSL Buybacks and Token-Burns!

Supply Chain Management

"CeBioLabs SCM", a Blockchain-based Solution to manage Cannabis and CBD Value Chains.

Decentralized Marketplace

"CBSL Marketplace", a Global Marketplace for CBD and Cannabis Products.

Certificate of Authenticity

Development of a Blockchain-based CoA Portal for CBD and Cannabis Products.

E-Commerce Business

Launch of global E-Commerce Projects to generate Operational Revenue.

Research and Development

Research in the field of CBD and Cannabis to Develop innovative Products.

Cannabis/CBD Consulting

Advising CBD and Cannabis Companies to generate Operational Revenue.

Learn more about our Products:

Our supply chain management tool “CeBioLabs SCM”, tailored to CBD and Cannabis products, is a Blockchain technology-based tool that makes the complete value chain for CBD and Cannabis products transparent and traceable for all parties.

Our application suite CeBioLabs SCM will provide a comprehensive user interface in the form of a dashboard to the respective user groups.

Through this database technology, selected details and information will be provided within the management solution, Datas and documents will be stored in a digital register.

Overall, this significantly increases the efficiency of the entire value chain and makes it more scalable.

The CeBioLabs SCM system will be available globally and address companies around the world.

The CBSL Marketplace will be a partially decentralized trading platform that will allow market players to offer and trade raw materials, products or services related to CBD and cannabis.

By being independent of big players and other trading exchanges that prohibit any type of CBD and cannabis products, there is no risk of providers being blocked or products being regulated.

The primary focus will be on B2B trading, but we will also expand the CBSL Marketplace for B2C functions and end user targeting. There will be no country-specific restrictions and the marketplace will address users around the world.

The CBSL Marketplace will have numerous payment methods integrated, including the CBSL Token

The COA Portal is a blockchain-based platform for certificate of authenticity of CBD and cannabis products.

With our international focus, CBD and cannabis suppliers from around the world will be able to submit the analysis of their products to us via the labs. We will assign a digital identity to these Certificates of Analysis and mark them. This identity and all data from the original document will be stored on the Blockchain and within Nodes. Certificates of Analysis stored within the Blockchain, will become understandable and traceable in a immutable and transparent transaction for everybody.

We will create numerous internationally focused e-commerce projects for a variety of CBD and cannabis products.

The e-commerce projects will be webshops and comparison portals for many different products.

For the products, we can draw on the diversity of our partners and offer numerous of existing and also new and innovative products. These will be different depending on the geographic focus.

In order to be able to serve the great potential and demand on the market for new developments and technologies, we are intensively engaged in the topics of research and development.

In the future, the players will invest in exactly these new technologies and innovative processes, that will shape the future of the CBD and cannabis market and revolutionize it. We will push the largest research activities in collaboration with our international partners and research institutions.

The respective focus areas of our partners will give us the opportunity to gain insight into all relevant research segments. This will enable us to keep an overview of all relevant segments with innovation potential and make capital expenditures as needed.

The Strategic Orientation of CeBioLabs

Audited German Token

CebioLabs is managed by 3 German companies. These registered companies are experts in the field of CBD, Cannabis and Blockchain and have years of experience. We obtained information from lawyers on regulatory issues and questions. The regulatory assessment (prepared by lawyers) of the token has been submitted to German financial authorities.

Real Utility Token

The legal self-assessment of the CBSL token as a "utility token" was submitted to responsible German authorities in July 2022. CBSL aims to provide real value in the emerging global CBD and Cannabis market. The active and real economic connection to real business activities make CBSL a unique token.

The Blockchain in Real Use

Our complex systems will solve the trust issues in the CBD and Cannabis market. We will use the Blockchain and its properties such as immutability and transparency. This approach is unique and will add real value to the large Cannabis and CBD market.

CeBioLabs Solves Real Problems

Thanks to our many years of experience, we know what the market is missing and will solve real problems with CeBioLabs. Our Solutions and Systems will help companies better control and manage their value chains. The CBSL Token will play an important role in this.

CBD and Cannabis - A Huge Market for CeBioLabs

CeBioLabs CBD and Cannabis Market Forecast to 2028
CeBioLabs Solves Real Problems in the Market for CBD and Cannabis​

The market for Cannabis and CBD is growing rapidly worldwide and is becoming more relevant due to liberalization. In this context, the production of CBD and cannabis products requires the interaction of numerous players in order to deliver the final product to the customer. Not only clean and high quality seeds, but also proper irrigation and harvesting and processing of the cannabis plants play an important role.

From our years of experience in the market, we know that information within the value chain is only shared to a limited extent and much is based on trust. However, economic interests repeatedly lead to misrepresentations being made within the players in order to increase profits, resulting in a decrease in the quality of CBD and cannabis products.

CeBioLabs aims to solve this problem by developing numerous systems and increasing transparency in the CBD and cannabis market. In doing so, we will rely on blockchain technology to increase relevant data and information from the value chain in an immutable and transparent way. Additional systems and solutions will also help ensure that customers have trusted sources of analysis and laboratory certificates, and that CBD and cannabis products can be traded more freely.

The CBSL Token
What is CeBioLabs (CBSL) Token?

The CeBioLabs (CBSL) Token is based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Our company will develop B2B solutions for the international CBD and cannabis market. CBSL will serve as the sole payment method for our paid B2B solutions and systems.

CBSL Features
Real Utility Token

A regulatory self-assessment prepared by lawyers concluded that the CBSL token is a utility token. This assessment was presented to the responsible German authorities.

CBSL will be Used in our B2B Solutions
Companies can only Pay the Usage Fees for our B2B Solutions in CBSL Tokens. This Tokens will be Locked for 3 Years. This Gives CBSL a Great Added Value. Holders of CBSL can also Benefit from Many Benefits.
Used CBSL will be Locked for 3 Years

Our B2B Solutions and Products are associated with Usage Fees, which we Accept Exclusively as CBSL. The CBSL Tokens paid by the Companies as Usage Fees will be Locked by us for 3 Years.

Direct Buyback and Burn Mechanism

10% of the Profits of the German Company CeBiol GmbH (part of the CeBioLabs Collective) will be used for CBSL Buybacks. All these CBSL Tokens will be Immediately Burned.

CBSL Details
Name: CeBioLabs
Ticker: CBSL
Type: Utility Token
Token Standard: BEP20
Total Supply: 100,000,000 CBSL
Registration Country: Germany

CeBioLabs and the CBSL Token will implement the Blockchain Technology in the CBD and Cannabis Market to Solve the Issues such as Lack of Trust, Traceability and Asymmetric Information.

CBSL Tokenomics

After the conclusion of our token sale, the CBSL token distribution has changed as planned. We always attach great importance to transparency and open communication. Besides the token distribution below, we can additionally state that 22,250,000 CBSL from the circulating supply will not be sold until December 31st and another 2,644,500 CBSL from the circulating supply until September 30th, 2030 by contractual agreement with the major investors. Thus, the current tradable CBSL quantity in the entire market can be defined as 10,705,060 CBSL. More Details about this soft-locks. In addition to this, we have locked the liquidity made available on Pancakeswap.

Development & Ecosystem | LOCKED 🔒
In CIrculation (Token Sale)
Team, Founders & Advisors | LOCKED 🔒
Marketing Activities | PARTIALLY LOCKED 🔒
Market Making & Liquidity Pool | LOCKED until needed 🔒
Strategic Reserves & Legal | LOCKED 🔒
Airdrop & Bounty | LOCKED 🔒
Unsold Tokens (ICO) | LOCKED until 28.09.2023 🔒
Roadmap 2023 / 2024
Our Strategy and Project Plans

Detailed Overview of our Roadmap:

  • Elaboration and definition of the overall concept 
  • Market research, competitive analysis and feasibility study 
  • Staffing of the team and joining of the team members 
  • Interdisciplinary working groups for final coordination and foundation planning 
  • Foundation of the company “CeBiol Blockchain Solutions GmbH” 
  • Creation and finalization of the White Paper 
  • Establishment of project financing and team planning 
  • Legal assessment of the token by lawyers 
  • Preparation of the legal self-assessment of the token for German regulatory authorities 
  • Launch of CeBioLabs Website 
  • Submission of project and company information to responsible German authorities 
  • Creation of CBSL Token and preparation for presale 
  • Airdrop Announcement and execution of the Airdrop 
  • Creation of the first Marketing activities for the project 
  • Classification of the token as a utility token  
  • Start of our ICO (private and public sale) 
  • Start of active project conception and development ✓
  • Acquisition of partner companies for project and token ✓
  • Token distribution event for presale buyers ✓
  • Token distribution event for airdrop participants ✓
  • Listing of the token on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko ✓
  • Provision of liquidity on decentralized trading exchanges (DEX) ✓
  • Acquisition of additional technology and distribution partners
  • Development of the first project in the field of E-Commerce (Europe)
  • Start development of Blockchain-based Platform for Certificates of Analysis (CoA)
  • Listing of the CBSL Token on at least 1 to 2 Exchanges (CEX).
  • Interim summary and evaluation of research and development projects
  • Start of the development of the CBSL Marketplace
  • Start of another E-Commerce project (North America)
  • Buybacks and burns of CBSL Tokens
  • Acquisition of customers for the CBSL Marketplace
  • Start development on CeBioLabs SCM Solution.
  • Development of the CBSL Marketplace
  • Beta Test and launch of Blockchain-based Platform for Certificates of Analysis (CoA)
  • Expansion of our international E-Commerce projects
  • Listing of the CBSL Token on at least one centralized Exchange (CEX)
  • Buybacks and Burns of CBSL Tokens
  • Start of beta testing of the CBSL Marketplace
  • Announcement and advertising campaign for the CBSL Marketplace.
  • Further development and acquisition of customers for the CeBioLabs SCM Solution
  • Launch of another e-commerce project (Asia)
  • Listing of the CBSL Token on at least one centralized Exchange (CEX)
  • Buybacks and Burns of CBSL Tokens
  • Launch of advertising campaign for CeBioLabs SCM Solution
  • Official launch of the CBSL Marketplace
  • Listing of the CBSL Token on at least one centralized Exchange (CEX)
  • Acquisition/Purchase of external projects in the field of CBD and Cannabis Technologies
  • Launch of beta testing of CeBioLabs SCM Solution
  • Launch of an E-Commerce Project (Eastern Europe)
  • Buybacks and Burns of CBSL Tokens
  • Launch of further E-Commerce projects (USA)
  • Official launch of CeBioLabs SCM Solution
  • Interim summary and evaluation of Research and Development projects
  • Development of high-tech products based on the research results
  • Listing of the CBSL Token on at least one centralized Exchange (CEX)
  • Expansion and acquisition campaigns for all CeBioLabs Projects
  • Buybacks and Burns of CBSL tokens
The CeBioLabs Collective
CeBioLabs Consists of 3 German Companies:

Backed by 3 German Companies

CeBiol GmbH

Founded in 2018 in Hamburg, CeBiol GmbH is a Germany-based company in the CBD industry. As a leading CBD producer, CeBiol offers high quality CBD oils and is part of CeBioLabs with 12 team members.

Company: CeBiol GmbH
Expertise: CBD Production & Markets
Team Members: 12 People
Founded in: 2018
Location: Hamburg, Germany

Local Court: Amtsgericht Hamburg
Company Reg. No.: HRB 152393

German Commercial Register Portal

CeBiol Blockchain Solutions GmbH

The CeBiol Blockchain Solutions GmbH represents our project and represents the legal framework of CeBioLabs. Founded in 2021 in Hamburg, the company with 10 team members manages all activities of CeBioLabs.

Company: CeBiol Blockchain Solutions
Expertise: CBD Technologies
Team Members: 10 People
Founded in: 2021
Location: Hamburg, Germany

Local Court: Amtsgericht Hamburg
Company Reg. No.: HRB 173329

German Commercial Register Portal

getViews Consulting UG

getViews Consulting UG (haftungsbeschränkt) is a company founded in Kassel in 2013 and is active in the field of marketing and crypto and blockchain technologies. With its 3-strong team, the company is part of CeBioLabs.

Company: getViews Consulting
Expertise: Marketing & Blockchain
Team Members: 3 People
Founded in: 2013
Location: Kassel, Germany

Local Court: Amtsgericht Kassel
Company Reg. No.: HRB 16087

German Commercial Register Portal

CeBiol GmbH was founded in Germany in 2018 and is now one of the leading suppliers of cannabis and CBD products on the European market. The company is based in Hamburg, Germany and supplies customers all over the world.

For several years, cannabis and CBD products have been conquering the global health and wellness market, from which they are now indispensable.

We have specialized in the production of high quality and natural hemp products. Through several years of experience, our know-how and close cooperation with medical and pharmaceutical experts, we have managed to develop unique products. From cultivation to the finished products, we focus on the quality of our products and the preservation of the natural ingredients of the hemp plant. All our products are bio certified and have to pass strictest quality criterias which are regularly tested by independent laboratories.

We supply wholesalers and retailers. Our customers include pharmaceutical distributors and pharmacies, wholesalers, drugstores, health food stores and special cannabis stores. We focus on long-term and trust-based business relationships, in which we provide not only our products and services, also our know-how. We are able to produce any quantity and additionally offer the possibility of a private label. A fast and safe delivery is guaranteed by our optimized logistics.

We are networked worldwide with our partners and know the markets. This enables us to recognize the latest developments and trends immediately and react very quick. We are also active in the field of research and development.

The market for CBD and cannabis has a huge potential and is just at the beginning of its development. We as CeBiol will expand our position in the market and go on to grow.

CeBiol Blockchain Solutions GmbH was founded in Hamburg in 2021 and is the Legal Framework of CebioLabs. The Company currently has 10 Team Members and bundles the Knowledge of the Members of the CeBioLabs Collective. The Team has Years of Experience in CBD Production and Trade, but also in Blockchain Technologies and Crypto. By Combining this Knowledge, we will Develop our Solutions and Products and establish them in the CBD and Cannabis Market with the Help of our Network.

One of our Main Products is considered to be our “CebioLabs SCM”, which we plan to upgrade with Blockchain Technology. This will give CBD and Cannabis Producers and Brands the ability to Track and Manage the Value Chains of their Products. We know from Years of Experience that Trust and Traceability is a big problem in the CBD and Cannabis Supply Chain, so our Solution will solve a real Problem in the Market. Another Development will be the Blockchain-based Platform for Certificates of Analysis (CoA), which we will Develop for the Global CBD and Cannabis Market. By incorporating the Blockchain, all Players in the Market will have 100% Assurance that the Certificates (e.g. Lab Reports) are Genuine, Authentic and Unaltered.

These and other Developments will drive our Company CeBiol Blockchain Solutons GmbH and as a German Company will be Successful in the CBD and Cannabis market in the long term.

getViews Consulting UG (haftungsbeschränkt) is a Company from Kassel and was founded in 2013. The Company is Part of the CeBioLabs Collective and has been dealing with the Topics of Marketing and Modern Technologies since the Beginning.

For Several Years, the Company has also been Active in the Field of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. The Academic Knowledge of the three Team members offers immense added value for the CeBioLabs project. The accumulated Know-how since its Foundation in 2013 and with Innovative Ideas in the field of Blockchain Technology, the Company is an active part of CeBioLabs.

Linking Blockchain with the Economy, with Global Markets and real Companies requires a lot of Experience in the field, which getViews Consulting UG from Kassel can offer. For this reason, the company is a valuable part of the CeBioLabs Collective.


Sebastian Reifegerste

Sebastian Reifegerste is the official advisor of CeBioLabs. He has more than twenty years of experience in the CBD and cannabis market and a worldwide network of market participants. He is the CEO of Bluecanoby S.L. (Spain), the founder of Erbocanoby S.L. (Canary Island), the CEO of Wim Trading B.V. (Netherlands), the COO of Holy Leave GmbH (Switzerland), the COO of Swiss Cristal Labs (Switzerland) and participant of Hemp Based Food of the University of Hohenheim.

Our Legal Advisors
CebioLabs works closely with the following Law Firm:

Audit by Lawyers regarding Regulatory Issues

Lawyers have conducted a legal self-assessment on regulatory issues of our CBSL token. This report includes the assessment of regulatory aspects. In addition, we had legal support from lawyers in communicating with the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority regarding the regulatory classification of the CBSL token.

Letter of Confirmation from the Lawyers

Our commissioned law firm from Hamburg has carried out a regulatory assessment and classification of the CBSL token. The legal assessment came to the conclusion that the CBSL token can be viewed as a utility token for regulatory purposes.