We Join the German Hemp Association
CeBioLabs Joined the German Cannabis Association
CeBioLabs joins German Hemp Association Webseite

CeBioLabs officially joins the German Hemp Association

All CeBioLabs Projects are Member

We are pleased to announce that CeBioLabs is now part of the German Hemp Association. The German Hemp Association was founded in Berlin in 2002 and now actively campaigns for cannabis legalization in Germany with over 9,000 members. Through our membership with the German Hemp Association, we thus support the lobbying for a better cannabis policy. For CeBioLabs and the parent company CeBiol Blockchain Solutions GmbH behind it, we hope for synergies and new partnerships. In addition, we would like to actively engage in the legalization of cannabis in Germany to drive our future planned projects.

As a bronze corporate sponsor, CeBioLabs not only participates financially in the advocacy efforts, but also serves as part of the network. We would like to cooperate more closely with the companies in Germany and establish close partnerships with many companies, especially in the field of cannabis. These partnerships are primarily intended to increase the level of use and reach of Lab-Authenticity.org and our other systems and solutions such as “CeBioLabs SCM”. 

Lab-Authenticity.org is also a member!

Through its affiliation with the CeBioLabs network, our new project Lab-Authenticity.org also benefits from the synergies of joining the German Hemp Association.

Overall, CeBioLabs is pleased to be part of the German Hemp Association. In the future, we will strive for a stronger and close cooperation with the companies of the hemp association and push our partnership connections.