We joined the German Industrial Network
CeBioLabs Joins the German Industrial Hemp Network
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CeBioLabs and Lab-Authenticity.org join the German Commercial Hemp network

Networking, partnerships and knowledge

CeBioLabs and the first launched project Lab-Authenticity.org are expanding their networks and getting more involved in the field of cannabis in Germany and Europe. Now, the company collective has joined the German Commercial Hemp Network.

Nutzhanf-Netzwerk e.V.

CeBioLabs as Germany’s first crypto project in the field of Blockchian-based solutions for the global cannabis market, is increasingly involved in the field of cannabis in Germany. Not least due to the advancing legalization efforts of the German government, CeBioLabs and also Lab-Authenticity.org strive to establish a large network of clubs, associations, partnerships and cooperations in the field of cannabis. In addition to the German Hemp Association (news here: XXXX), we have now also joined the German Industrial Hemp Network. Our loyal community might have already noticed that, besides our technical developments in the field of CBD and cannabis, we are now increasingly entering and getting involved in the field of cannabis for pleasure purposes. These efforts will soon result in a big announcement about a new project, about which we are not releasing any information at this time. But what is the German Commercial Hemp Network actually?

The Nutzhanf-Netzwerk e.V. advocates for the common interests of hemp farmers and processors who work with fibers, shives, seeds, leaves, and other components of the hemp plant. The main task is to advance sustainable hemp cultivation by providing knowledge, advice, and experience. The board consists of several experts who understand the importance of the plant for people, animals, and nature.

The vision is to re-establish hemp in agriculture. Whether it’s summer hemp as a main crop or winter hemp as an intermediate crop, industrial hemp offers many advantages for agriculture from a cultivation perspective. Based on the positive characteristics that come with the cultivation and use of hemp products, the Network want to demonstrate that it is worth promoting and supporting this renewable resource.

Benefits for CeBioLabs and Lab-Authenticity.org

CeBioLabs and Lab-Authenticity.org are planning numerous new partnerships and expansion of the companies’ network in the short and medium term. This will not only enable us to gain new partnerships and paying customers for Lab-Authenticity.org, but also to find suitable partners and companies for further projects. In the long run, these partnerships will bring us an immense added value for follow-up projects, especially the “CeBioLabs SCM” system. We will actively participate in the hemp networks and become more involved in these areas in Germany and Europe to increase the awareness of CeBioLabs and Lab-Authenticity.org.