Exhibition Recap: Mary Jane 2024 in Berlin
CeBioLabs at Mary Jane 2024: A Recap on Europe’s Largest Hemp Fair
Exhibition Recap Mary Jane 2024 in Berlin

CeBioLabs at Mary Jane 2024: A Retrospective on Europe’s Largest Hemp Fair

CeBioLabs participated as an exhibitor at this year’s “Mary Jane 2024” hemp fair. The Mary Jane is Europe’s largest hemp fair and took place this year from June 14 to 16 in the exhibition halls in Berlin. Our booth was located in Hall 21B at stands E61/62, where we actively engaged with various market players in the cannabis sector and had intensive exchanges with the community. In this article, we would like to outline the most important results and information from our fair presence.

Strategic Partnerships and Business Expansions

Our main goal at Mary Jane was to strengthen our presence in the community and the market. A special highlight was the initiation of a significant partnership with one of the leading companies in Germany, which will be officially announced shortly. This partnership will significantly expand our business areas, thus creating enormous added value for the community and all CBSL token holders. Considering the legalization of cannabis in Germany, we have been working towards this realignment and partnership for a long time, which will give us a clear strategic advantage.

At the fair, we also presented our advanced blockchain-based Supply Chain Management (CeBioLabs SCM) system. This technology ensures transparency and traceability throughout the cannabis value chain, which was particularly well-received by the trade visitors. We will also soon announce an adjustment to the originally planned system. Here, we will include the new market of cannabis clubs in Germany, which we had not previously considered in our original concept. Since the needs of cannabis clubs are of a different nature, we will adapt and expand the CeBioLabs SCM system accordingly. 

Picture from CeBioLabs Booth at Mary Jane 2024

We will update our community on this in the near future. Another highlight was the presentation of Lab-Authenticity.org, the world’s first platform for decentralized stored and verified lab analyses on the blockchain. This innovation was enthusiastically received by the industry and shows the potential to revolutionize quality assurance in the cannabis sector. Although the launch of Lab-Authenticity.org took place last year, there are still many interested parties, and the usage volume continues to rise.

Picture from CeBioLabs Booth at Mary Jane 2024

Community Engagement and Products

The fair provided us with an excellent opportunity to strengthen existing partnerships and initiate new collaborations. Direct contact with the community gave us valuable insights and feedback that we will incorporate into the further development of our products and services. Our CEO, Christian Tonn, participated in several panel discussions and shared his expertise on the integration of blockchain technology in the cannabis and CBD industries. These contributions were positively received by the fair visitors and led to constructive discussions about future developments and regulatory frameworks. Live demonstrations of the use cases of the CBSL token showed visitors how it functions as the primary payment method for our B2B solutions. These demonstrations illustrated the benefits and security that our token offers users. The fair also featured numerous seminars and workshops, providing important market insights and trend forecasts, which are of great importance for CeBioLabs’ strategic direction. Although we had to adjust some points on our roadmap due to legal circumstances and internal restructurings, we will announce many new and promising news this year that will massively drive our CeBioLabs ecosystem.

Company Updates and BitForex Issue

At CeBioLabs, numerous synergies with other companies have developed in recent months, which we are actively utilizing. Our office at Mittelweg 144 in Hamburg is still present, but we plan to rent another location to take advantage of site benefits. We will announce more details about this shortly. Furthermore, we will focus more on the recreational cannabis market and align existing systems and concepts accordingly. As previously mentioned, we will collaborate with a German market leader and primarily serve the market for cultivation associations in the long term.

Another point discussed at the Mary Jane 2024 fair was the BitForex trading platform. As many have noticed, the platform has gone offline for unexplained reasons. To date, we have been unable to reach any responsible parties and have evaluated the issue internally for a long time. The BitForex issue is one of the reasons why no further exchange listings have been conducted. We are currently still considering legal action against those responsible for the BitForex platform. Until there is legal recourse or certainty, we will not conduct any listings to protect our tokenomics. In case no legal results are to be expected, our team is considering conducting a mainnet swap. Due to the decentralized activities that have arisen on Binance Smart Chain in the past and the CBSL tokens that are in the hands of possibly criminals, we must consider such a step to protect the CBSL. Once we make a decision on this, we will, of course, inform the community. We will try to compensate our community members who have been harmed by the BitForex issue. We can use the initial purchase information from ICO participants and potentially reimburse tokens as part of a mainnet swap. Once our lawyers complete the legal evaluation, there will be a separate notification to the community. Currently, 1,358,644.8328 CBSL tokens are in the hands of criminals due to the BitForex scam. This is a total of 1.3586 percent of the total supply.


Participation in Mary Jane 2024 has helped CeBioLabs solidify its position as an innovation leader in the cannabis industry. We are excited about the opportunities arising from the new connections and knowledge gained and look forward to putting them into practice. Our commitment to the development and improvement of our solutions remains unwavering, and CeBioLabs SCM will definitely be much stronger and more comprehensive than originally planned. The legalization of cannabis, as indicated in our last report, will open up a much larger market for us.We thank the organizers of Mary Jane for an outstanding event and look forward to participating again next year to present further groundbreaking advancements.