Overview of CBSL Buybacks and Burns
Buybacks and Burns

Overview of Burned CBSL Tokens

CBSL Tokens have already been bought back.

An important part of our token economy is regular buybacks. We will use parts of the profits of CeBiol GmbH for this purpose. CeBiol GmbH is a CBD store from Germany founded in 2018 and sells high-quality CBD oils. We will use 10% of the company’s annual profits for token buybacks. All tokens bought back will be burned and the corresponding transactions can be accessed here on this page. We will do further irregular buybacks with parts of the profits of our e-commerce projects. These repurchased CBSL tokens will also be burned and corresponding transactions will be published here.

Annual profit of CeBiol GmbH

10% of the annual profits of CeBiol GmbH (part of the CebioLabs collective) are used for buybacks. We will divide the corresponding part of the profit over twelve months and perform monthly buybacks. All boughtback CBSL tokens will be burned.

From Profits of our E-Commerce Projects

Part of our planned projects will be international e-commerce projects for CBD and Cannabis products. We will use parts of the profits of these platforms and shops to buy back and burn CBSL tokens.