Our Updated Tokenomics!
Updated CBSL Tokenomics
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Updated CBSL Tokenomics

A total of 75,400,440 CBSL were locked

Transparent overview of the distribution of all CBSL tokens.

After the conclusion of our token sale, the CBSL token distribution has changed as planned. We always attach great importance to transparency and open communication, which is why we clearly present the current token distribution in this article.

Development & Ecosystem | LOCKED 🔒
In Circulation (Token Sale)
Team, Founders & Advisors | LOCKED 🔒
Marketing Activities | PARTIALLY LOCKED 🔒
Market Making & Liquidity Pool | LOCKED until needed 🔒
Strategic Reserves & Legal | LOCKED 🔒
Airdrop & Bounty | LOCKED 🔒
Unsold Tokens (ICO) | LOCKED until 28.09.2023 🔒

Contractual Locks with Major Investors (Soft-Lock)

The 24,599,560 CBSL in circulation also includes 11,250,000 tokens issued to larger investors from the European CBD and Cannabis industry. These investors purchased the CBSL token for $0.10 and contractually agreed that the tokens will not be sold until December 31, 2023. We would like to assign the following seven wallets to these investors for transparency reasons:

In addition, 2,644,500 CBSL tokens were sold to German medium-sized companies at a price of $0.10. A holding period was also defined here. This is 12 months, so that the tokens may not be sold before Sept. 30, 2023.

Thus, in addition to the 75,400,440 CBSL locked by us, another 13,894,500 CBSL are excluded from trading by softlock through contractual agreements with the investors.

Thus, the current tradable CBSL quantity in the entire market can be defined as 10,705,060 CBSL.