Partnership with Swiss Crystal Lab signs Partnership with Swiss Crystal Lab
Swiss Crystal Lab Partnership Website signs partnership with Swiss Crystal Lab

A Mutually Beneficial Strategic Partnership

We are pleased to announce that has entered into a strategic partnership with the Swiss laboratory “Swiss Cristal Lab”.

Swiss Cristal Lab

Swiss Cristal Lab is a wholesale-oriented CBD extraction and analysis company based in Switzerland. Their protocols ensure optimal results in terms of both time and quality, allowing them to offer highly competitive prices. Their goal is to become a European reference as a wholesaler for refined oils, crystals, and CBD creams while continuing to provide personalized services to demanding customers and independent retailers.

As one of the leading laboratories in Europe for CBD extraction and CBD analysis, the lab is one of the largest extractors of CBD oils, producing one ton of CBD oil per week. Also strong in the production of CBD isolate and cosmetic products, the company has a worldwide network of customers from which will benefit. The laboratory is well equipped and has the latest technology. Swiss Cristal Lab is currently undergoing GMP certification and is expected to be GMP certified soon.

All clients thus show that they have nothing to hide and use only genuine analyses. This not only testifies to the high quality of the products, but also ensures the actual use of high-quality ingredients. In addition, the ingredients are very important, especially in the field of CBD and cannabis products, because in many countries a maximum limit of THC prevails and a too high THC content is illegal and would violate applicable laws.

Benefits for

The strategic partnership now announced will benefit both sides in equal measure. Swiss Cristal Lab produces thousands of laboratory analyses for its own products and for customers, which is why there is a need there for confidence-building measures and content. will thus have the opportunity to integrate needs-based analyses for the lab and its customers into the blockchain. This will allow us to utilize our capacity more and strongly demonstrate our reach across many industries and regions. For Swiss Cristal Lab, this also creates synergies and customers can enjoy additional modern and innovative services, such as those provided by