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Update Report – Status & Development

In this report you will learn everything about the current status of our work at CeBioLabs

After successfully completing our ICO and launching the CBSL token last week, we are now intensively engaged in the development of various tools and e-commerce projects. In the last few weeks, we have been talking intensively with our existing partners as well as with many newly acquired partners about the possibilities and areas of application of the CeBioLabs solutions. In the process, many companies have expressed great interest and recognized the advantages of the CeBioLabs solutions, which they want to use for their companies in the future. We are not only working with companies from Europe, also worldwide. Our Advisor Sebastian Reifegerste was just last week on a mission to Asia, Thailand. The recently announced legalization of cannabis in Thailand shows that the global market for CBD and cannabis products is growing, which also increases the need for solutions in different countries.

Currently, the development and programming of our systems is completely worked out and implemented by internal employees. Since our systems are very complex, the development and management will permanently require a lot of time. For this reason, we plan to increase our internal staff especially in the area of development. In the coming weeks and months, we will expand our team of software developers by 1 to 2 additional employees as needed to further drive the developments of our systems. In addition, we may hire one to two more interns for our administrative office work in Hamburg. We will announce all information about this and the vacancies in due course.

Start of the Development of the Portal for Certificates of Authenticity of Laboratory Analyses

We have already described the CeBioLabs systems and e-commerce projects in detail in our Whitepaper. One important CeBioLabs system, our programmers are currently working on, is the Blockchain-based portal for certificates of authenticity. This involves digitizing the results of laboratory analyses in the form of certificates of authenticity, directly from the laboratories firsthand, and storing them in the Blockchain. All certificates of authenticity are thus stored immutably and are traceable at any time. Retailers have the option of getting QR codes for their certificates of authenticity, which can be applied to the products. These can be scanned later by customers so that the certificates for the corresponding product can be retrieved with all relevant information. With the CeBioLabs portal for certificates of authenticity, lack of transparency, falsified product analyses and quality defects are a thing of the past. Especially for THC-containing cannabis products, which are treated particularly sensitively by states and governments, the Blockchain-based portal is the perfect solution. We will announce partnerships with laboratories in a timely manner. The Certificates of Authenticity portal will be launched in the first quarter of 2023 and will be ready for use.

We are starting to develop the CBSL Marketplace

At the same time, we have started the development of our second major project, the CBSL Marketplace. The CBSL Marketplace will enable different international companies to offer and trade raw materials, products and services related to CBD, and later also to cannabis. Suppliers and buyers will be able to do business directly. The CBSL Marketplace will have numerous payment methods integrated. There are plans to introduce the CBSL token as a payment method within the CBSL marketplace. The focus of the CBSL Marketplace are the B2B enterprises, B2C functions will be introduced after the launch. There are already many producers and suppliers who want to use the CBSL Marketplace for the distribution of their products. The fact that products can be traded across countries also makes the CBSL Marketplace very interesting for many companies. Cannabis products are often subject to country-specific conditions, which is the reason why only a few products are offered cross-nationally. In the development of the CBSL Marketplace, we are in close exchange with our international partners. These include companies from the USA, Canada, Israel, some South American and Asian countries, and Europe. This is the only way to meet the global needs of the market.

E-Commerce Projects

Furthermore, additional e-commerce projects will be developed and programmed in the coming months. Among them are online shops and comparison platforms for various CBD products, mainly for the German-speaking area. Among them is also a well-known pharmaceutical wholesaler from Germany.

The CBSL Token

The CBSL token plays an important role in all CeBioLabs solutions and e-commerce projects, as the fees for users must be paid in CBSL tokens. Thus, the CBSL Token will also gain more and more importance and play an important role in the CeBioLabs enterprise ecosystem.
We will publish detailed reports on individual projects at regular intervals. This also includes the technical details and the status for implementation.

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