CeBioLabs has successfully completed its ICO
CeBioLabs has successfully completed its ICO
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CeBioLabs has Successfully Completed its ICO

A total of 21,277,310 CBSL were sold

Pre-Sale for the CBD and Cannabis Industry.

In an exclusive pre-sale for companies and future collaborators conducted prior to the ICO, a total of 11,250,000 CBSL tokens were sold at $0.10 per CBSL. The amount was acquired by eight major investors from the European CBD and Cannabis industry. These companies are based in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Spain and have already been supporting the project since mid-2021. To ensure a long-term partnership and guarantee a healthy development of the CBSL token, a contractual holding period of 15 months from launch was defined. The tokens may not be sold before Dec. 31, 2023.

In addition, 2,644,500 CBSL tokens were sold to German medium-sized companies at a price of $0.10. A holding period was also defined here. This is 12 months, so that the tokens may not be sold before Sept. 30, 2023.

ICO for Private Investors

The public token sale (ICO) launched on Aug. 1, 2022, was intended for private investors, and ended on Sept. 26. In the process, a total of 7,382,810 CBSL tokens were sold, of which more than 70 percent were sold in Stage 3 at $0.10. Due to regulatory requirements in Germany, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance Coin were accepted as means of payment. In this context, the majority of payments were processed via the payment service provider Coinbase Commerce.

Unsold Tokens are Locked

A total of 25,000,000 CBSL tokens were intended for initial sale during the pre-sale (private sale) and ICO. Of the total 25,000,000 CBSL, 21,277,310 CBSL were sold. We have decided to lock the remaining unsold 3,722,690 CBSL tokens for 1 year. Later, these tokens will be used to expand CeBioLabs systems and solutions in the enterprise ecosystem.

Foundation for the Future

This positive overall result of the token sale allows us to implement and realize the roadmap and all planned projects in the long term. We have already started active project development and will now further intensify this.

Token Distribution

All tokens sold in the pre-sale and ICO have been transferred to investors. If the tokens are not visible in the wallets, e.g., Trustwallet, the contract must be added manually using the BNB Smart Chain as network. Our verified Contract address is: 0xBFB8F92E8F3a9034019aC97fd9f85c6Dfb513834.