Beta Tests Finished – Closed Beta Tests Successfully Completed Main – Closed Beta Tests Successfully Completed

The last Tests have been completed

Our team has been working intensively on our platform for certificates of analysis over the last few months. Our planned platform “” has already been fully developed and graphically prepared. The final technical tests of the functionalities have already been carried out in the last weeks. As a final test, a comprehensive closed beta test was conducted, which we successfully completed today. Thus, nothing stands in the way of the launch on April 8, 2023.

As described in the February and March report, multiple blockchains are used to store the laboratory analyses or the corresponding and corresponding metadata. The visualization is done directly via our portal and can be integrated by the customers (companies, producers, etc.) on the stores and websites. also has specially created and graphically developed seals to link to the platform and the corresponding blockchain information.

The seal is provided for the paying users. Once an analysis certificate is stored in the blockchain, it can be accessed on an information page. In addition to additional information such as company logo, link and data, the hash values can also be retrieved. The seal will initially be available in English and in German and will create added value for the industry.

The platform was originally intended for the CBD and cannabis market only and would already have a great reach and potential with this target group. However, the expansion of the usability of that has now been carried out has increased the potential even further and allows us to penetrate the food and pharmaceutical sectors. These gigantic markets also face trust deficits, which is why our platform will solve important problems.