CeBioLabs Monthly Report: February/March 2023
CeBioLabs Report – February/March 2023
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CeBioLabs Report – February/March 2023

In this report, instead of normally covering one month, we will have to cover two months directly. For this reason, we will cover progress and news from February and March in this report. Beforehand, we apologize for the irregular activity on social media and our channels in the meantime. The reasons for this are the focus on new areas and intensive work on larger approaches, which we will explain in more detail later in this report.

Cannabis Legalization in Germany

The federal government’s plans are becoming more concrete – CeBioLabs is preparing!

One of the main reasons why our operational Cora team and our founders have been very busy in the last months is the advancing legalization plans of the German government. It is expected that a draft law will be presented before the end of March 2023. This draft law is expected to create the framework for the legalization of recreational cannabis in Germany.

CeBioLabs, in particular our Core Team, has been monitoring these developments very closely since November and has therefore had many discussions with market players over the last few months. Our founders were on the road in Berlin, Frankfurt, Kiel and Munich, among other places, to talk to relevant market players. In the process, we have been able to enter into close partnerships with lobby groups in order to obtain first-hand information from the circles of the German government. There is a very specific reason for all of this: since its founding in late 2021, CeBioLabs has focused all of its systems not only on the CBD market, but also on the international cannabis market. Due to our location in Germany and the upcoming legalization, we have now fully expanded our systems and developments to cannabis as well. Thus, we are no longer just a provider of complex solutions and systems for the CBD market, but also for the cannabis market.

CeBioLabs SCM – Development starts earlier than planned!

CeBioLabs is thus preparing intensively for the legalization of cannabis in Germany and has very precise ideas for this. The “key proposals paper” of the current government describes on 12 pages the approximate framework conditions for legalization in Germany. It states in the section “Licensing and Control” that “the entire supply and trade chain (cultivation, processing, transport, wholesale, retail) […] should be subject to a control system (track and trace) that includes documentation of the individual steps in the chain.” CeBioLabs aims to align the system “CeBioLabs SCM” with the requirements of the German government and plans to become the primary provider for the cannabis supply chain in Germany. Our development team is already in the process of initiating the first development steps of the “CeBioLabs SCM” system, much earlier than planned.

CeBioLabs Accepts Large Development Order

We are working closely with a German company in the field of legalization

CeBioLabs was asked to develop an innovative and sophisticated system for a German startup due to the increasing awareness in Germany. Our core team decided to accept this order and drive the development in parallel. Due to our expertise, not many companies are eligible for this, which is why CeBioLabs is compensated accordingly for this project.

The project has a 6-digit volume (Euro), which will be added to the CeBioLabs ecosystem.

We will use this amount for further development of our ecosystem and aim for further organic growth. We will announce a future and further partnership with this cannabis legalization company at the appropriate time.

CeBioLabs takes its place in legalization

In addition to this major contract, CeBioLabs has been in further discussions with market players active in the cannabis sector. In the process, we have already established the first partnerships with companies that will be active in the field of cultivation in Germany! In addition, discussions have also been held with listed German companies, which have led to expected results. We will also announce this information in the coming months.

Platform for Certificates of Analysis

The world’s first blockchain-based platform for certificates of analysis.

Although the launch was already scheduled for March, we had to make some changes due to some technical issues. For this reason, not only beta testing but also final developments on backend and graphics were postponed.
However, the launch of is planned and scheduled for Saturday, April 8, 2023. On this day, the platform will go live. A week before the launch, the associated marketing campaign will begin. In this process, we will publish a lot of information about the platform, partnerships and many other news about CeBioLabs.
Another innovation of is that we have geared the platform not only for CBD and cannabis products anymore, but also for many others. Thus, not only certificates of analysis of CBD and cannabis products can be included on the platform, but also of products from the pharmaceutical and food sectors. This will open the platform to a new market and many new potential users, which will significantly increase the platform’s reach and success.

Technical details of

By expanding the platform to more areas, lab analysis and certificates of analysis from the following industries are now supported:

  • Cannabis (4 subcategories)
  • Food (23 subcategories)
  • Cosmetics (9 subcategories)
  • Pharmaceuticals (3 subcategories)
  • Chemistry (2 subcategories)

The storage of the metadata of the certificates of analysis is not done in a specific blockchain. We discarded the original approach and chose an approach that allows for better performance and scalability. The platform is now designed EVM-based (Ethereum Virtual Machine) and uses the blockchains Polygon and Ethereum in addition to the Binance Smart Chain. The blockchain in which the respective information of the analysis certificates is stored is displayed on the detail pages of the corresponding certificates with the hash values.

Further developments of our projects

CBSL Marketplace

The CBSL Marketplace is being actively developed following Lab-Authenticity and should be completed on schedule in the second quarter of 2023. No delays are expected here.

CeBioLabs SCM

As already indicated, we will accelerate the development of CeBioLabs SCM in view of the upcoming legalization in Germany. The conceptual groundwork will save us a great deal of time, which is why we are confident that we will be able to quickly secure large market shares as the first such solution in Germany. For a successful market entry before legalization in Germany, a fast and scheduled completion is necessary. Here, our core development team is confident.

CeBioLabs is expanding!

Considering the upcoming product launches and further steps in the course of cannabis legalization in Germany, our core team has decided to move to larger premises. The current address at Peutestrasse 53C in 20539 Hamburg will be replaced by Mittelweg 144 in the coming months, and CeBioLabs will thus be based at the CS Business Center in Hamburg and carry out its work from there.

Legalization opens up new opportunities for us

As already indicated in the report, CeBioLabs is also strongly focused on the legalization of cannabis in Germany, in addition to the planned projects. We have another major approach we are pursuing in addition to the numerous talks and partnerships. We are currently in the planning stages for this. This new venture will be closely linked to the CeBioLabs ecosystem, which is why not only our company but also the CBSL token will benefit greatly from it. We will only be able to announce more detailed information on this in the coming months.