Strategic Partnership
CeBioLabs Partnership Announcement – BlueCanoby
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We are pleased to announce the strategic partnership with BlueCanoby S.L.

The global strategic partnership with BlueCanoby will give us access to many resources and networks and give us further direct access to the market and relevant players. This will allow us to reach out to global market players and introduce them to our systems and solutions. It will also give BlueCanoby the opportunity to be the first to benefit from our systems and technologies.

BlueCanoby is a European Group (Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Austria) that assists CBD wholesalers with consulting and production services. To do this, the BlueCanoby team relies on an extensive distribution network in the European Union.

The team is composed of specialized consultants, doctors, laboratory technicians, scientists, agricultural engineers and lawyers who are passionate about hemp and dedicated to offering the best products and services.

Advice on the cultivation of hemp.

BlueCanoby advises growers, on irrigation, harvesting methods, drying and cultivation system.

Legal assistance

The BlueCanoby team takes care of the necessary authorizations, such as the Letter of Intent, through a certified company with all the permits for the commercialization of the product.

Extraction of biomass with ethanol or CO2 in contract manufacturing. 

The daily extraction capacity is up to 40 tons of biomass.
In addition, further refining processes are offered after extraction.


A team of lawyers and logistics specialists guarantees transportation at excellent prices and under the highest security conditions.


BlueCanoby offers its customers the possibility to distribute their products and services to its worldwide partners.