CeBioLabs Monthly Report: January 2023
CeBioLabs Report – January 2023
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CeBioLabs Report – January 2023

With this report we would like to inform our investors and community about the latest developments and announcements in our company. This includes updates on our products, our company and further plans in the future. The year 2023 has started very well for us and we will complete most of our planned developments this year.

Platform for Cannabis and CBD Certificates of Analysis

The World’s first Blockchain-based Platform for Cannabis and CBD Certificates of Analysis

The world’s first blockchain-based cannabis and CBD lab analysis verification platform has been in development for several months and is now in its final stages. We have already developed the main functionalities and are still working on the last basic features and graphical design. The service on is not only aimed at producers and manufacturers of CBD and cannabis products but has been expanded during development. Now all industries that use certificates of analysis in digital form are relevant. This new target group includes: the analysis of edible fats, oils, oilseeds, nuts, chemical analysis of meat products, nutritional values for all products (fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins), cosmetic products, horticulture (soil analysis, nitrate, and nitrite), composts & soils. Feed, Drinking Water and Pharmaceuticals. This expansion increases our target audience, target market and gives us the opportunity to achieve a larger overall reach for the project and the CBSL token. Technical Details

From a technical perspective, the development of the portal is already almost complete. Functionalities are currently being tested and should be finalized in the coming weeks. As defined in the whitepaper, we will be using external blockchains for the blockchain implementation and no in-house development yet. However, this could change in the near future. The portal is now fully based on the Polygon blockchain. The Polygon blockchain stands out due to its low fees and instant transfer capabilities and is perfectly suited for the functionalities we need. To ensure the uniqueness and flawless functioning of our service, we will store the analysis certificates as NFT tokens in the Polygon blockchain and make them accessible at any time by connecting them to an external hosting provider. This will not only allow certificates to be stored quickly, but also to be directly linked to the document and made transparently retrievable.

The CBSL Token as a Means of Payment

Contrary to what was announced in the last report, the CBSL token will primarily be included as one of three payment options in the platform. Users will be given the option to pay for the storage of analytics certificates on the blockchain using Paypal, Stripe, or the CBSL token. Our developers have automated CBSL payments, which is why the token payment can be made in real time at the current rate (on We will convert all US dollar proceeds (via Paypal and Stripe) into CBSL tokens after deducting taxes (through CBSL buybacks) and “lure” them according to the timeframes defined in the whitepaper.

At this stage, we expect to finalize the portal and all tests early to early March. Thus, we will execute the launch of in the first quarter of 2023. Before, during and after the launch, we will launch numerous and large-scale marketing activities and campaigns to get the widest reach for the launch. Our team has already been in contact with vendors from around the world for several months to establish collaborations, clients, and partnerships with relevant players. We will announce these partnerships before and after the launch. These partnerships will give us ready access to the market and our target audience.

Development of the CBSL Marketplace

The CBSL Marketplace is also under active development and will be extensively tested in the coming weeks. During the launch of we will let a small group of user’s trade on the marketplace to test the last optimizations and technical functionalities. Our team is also actively recruiting traders since the end of last year to fill the marketplace with members before the launch. The further acquisition of partner
companies is also successfully underway and will continue up to the Launch and
beyond. Partner companies will be announced as part of the launch.

Updates in our Company

CeBiol Blockchain Solutions GmbH is still working with all available capacities on the development of the planned systems and will continue to grow in 2023. We plan to hire more system and blockchain developers and bring additional operational staff into the company in the coming months. As we need to coordinate many processes during product launches, two more interns will also join our team.

Government and state support

Due to the uniqueness of our planned systems, we have also contacted numerous funding programs to actively seek support from federal states (primarily Hamburg) or support from programs of the Federal Republic of Germany. Our highly innovative approaches have made us eligible to receive support payments in many programs, which we will invest in the development of our projects. In case of successful applications and active governmental support we will of course announce this publicly and show our community that our innovative ideas are honored and supported by the government.