CeBioLabs Monthly Report: December 2022
CeBioLabs Report – December 2022
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CeBioLabs Report – December 2022

With this report we would like to inform our investors about the current developments in our company. Of course, we try to communicate many things to the outside world through regular updates, but we do not always succeed, and many things happen behind the scenes.

Product Development and First Upcoming Launch

The World’s first Blockchain-based Platform for Cannabis and CBD Certificates of Analysis

Development on our blockchain-based portal for cannabis and CBD Certificates of Analysis is well underway. We are now in a phase where the first functionalities are already completed, and the portal is being tested internally. As there is no comparable system or project yet, our team has to weigh, test and implement each functionality. However, the basic functionalities have already been described in the whitepaper and have been further refined over the last few months. We continue to deploy a team of 7 people to develop and test the portal. Due to the direction described in the whitepaper, we will not develop our own blockchain at the beginning, but will use existing, solid and proven blockchains. Our platform will therefore use the Ethereum blockchain to store the digital signatures of the certificates of analysis in a permanent, secure, immutable and transparent way. From a strategic point of view, CeBioLabs will only develop its own Blockchain once all planned projects and systems have been implemented and a critical mass of users, can ensure the networking required for the CBSL Blockchain. As soon as we concretely plan the creation of our own Blockchain, we will of course announce this promptly via our channels.

In terms of branding, a lot has also happened in recent weeks. The branding, the corporate design as well as the content have already been determined. Our team has determined the brand accordingly due to the international orientation and has also linked the brand to a domain.

Our Portal for be available under the following Domain:

Since we are in the segment with a large trust deficit, an appropriate domain is necessary and also an appropriate brand. Our brand experts were thus able to convince our C-level and the rest of our team with this brand and the decision was made that way. All marketing activities will thus be carried out under the name “”.

In addition, we are already in negotiations with numerous laboratories around the world and have also mobilized many partners to market our portal. A first concrete partnership with a laboratory has already been contractually fixed and will be announced shortly. The pricing policy for the laboratory analyses entered in the portal has also been fixed and will be announced at launch. Our portal will be available worldwide and initially in English. The launch is scheduled for Q1 2023, but we plan to launch in January or February.

Development of the CBSL Marketplace

The development of the CBSL Marketplace was also started after the conceptual work was completed. Currently, we have reserved two developers for the development of the marketplace with all functionalities. In addition to designing the content, our responsible developers must also deal with possible country-specific restrictions and, if necessary, incorporate these into the functionalities. Since cannabis is not yet legalized in many countries, the trade of cannabis products requiring a permit will be subject to restrictions for some countries, which we will implement technically. For all other cannabis products with a low THC content, these restrictions do not apply. For this reason, we initially assume that CBD products are predominantly traded. The product-specific corporate design and domain have not yet been defined due to the still early development phase and due to our focus on our portal for certificates of analysis. However, this is planned for the first quarter of 2023. In addition, we are already in talks with numerous companies, producers and traders in the CBD and cannabis sector and have already been able to convince them of our marketplace. The planned legalization of cannabis for recreational use in Germany will also generate a great demand for the marketplace. A concrete marketing strategy is being developed for the CBSL Marketplace and should increase the worldwide awareness of the marketplace over several months after launch. We also hope that the functionality of NFT trading will provide an additional incentive for companies.

Soon Launch of E-Commerce Projects

In addition, we are currently finalizing and launching the planned e-commerce projects. These will be a German project and an international project, as defined and planned in our whitepaper. The e-commerce platforms are expected to generate operational revenues that we will use for our business and for the CBSL token. We will inform our community about it before the launch and afterwards we will start the marketing activities and activities in the field of SEA and SEO.

CBSL Token

The international crypto market is in a significant downward trend, which has not escaped all of us. We at CeBioLabs are focusing on the development of our projects and would like to launch them one by one soon. Thus, long-term success is only possible if we stick to the plans defined in the whitepaper and do not get irritated by events on the crypto market. Since the CBSL token is based on the Binance Blockchain, we are highly dependent on the price of the Binance Coin (BNB). As such, our token is subject to price fluctuations based solely on the BNB price. We expect a significant impact on the CBSL price after launch of our first products, which however is still subject to the general and unpredictable influences of the crypto market. We will do our utmost to ensure a healthy and long-term development of our token. If nothing else, this starts with driving the direct and indirect integration of the token into our solutions. Based on current market events and due to the bear market, we have also decided against conducting another listing of the CBSL token on a CEX. The CEX listing planned for Q4 2022 will thus be postponed for the time being, but will be made up for. To counteract the current fluctuations, we have also changed the trading pair on Bitforex from CBSL/USDT to CBSL/ETH (news: This will allow long-term trends to be better absorbed and exploited by CBSL.

Innovations in our Company


We are still actively working on numerous planned projects in parallel. Our focus is of course on the topics defined in the white paper, but we are currently in the process of positioning ourselves even more broadly and benefiting strongly from the planned cannabis legalization in Germany. To this end, we are in talks with many potential partner companies and investors. However, we will publish information on this topic separately at the appropriate time. In addition, our CEO and co-founder of CeBioLabs Christian Tonn conducted an interview with TechBullion and answered numerous questions. Many exciting topics and launches await CeBioLabs in 2023, and the full interview is available here: More information and partnerships will be announced in the coming weeks and published via our website and social media channels.