Office Address: CeBiol Blockchain Solutions GmbH - Peutestrasse 53C - 20539 Hamburg, Germany

What is CeBioLabs (CBSL)?

Crypto Startup from Hamburg Backed by 3 German Companies

CeBioLabs is a Collective of three German Companies: CeBiol Blockchain Solutions GmbH, CeBiol GmbH, getViews Consulting UG

Blockchain-based Enterprise Solutions for the CBD & Cannabis Industry

CeBioLabs solves real problems such as lack of lrust, traceability and asymmetric Information

Real Utility Token submitted to German Financial Authorities

Legal support by lawyers in the communication with the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority

100M Total Supply | 75% Locked | Token Buybacks & Burns

Only 25 Million CBSL are in circulation. The ICO price was $0.1. CBSL will be bought back and burned regularly.

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Audit by Lawyers regarding Regulatory Issues

Lawyers have conducted a legal self-assessment on regulatory issues of our CBSL token. This report includes the assessment of regulatory aspects. In addition, we had legal support from lawyers in communicating with the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority regarding the regulatory classification of the CBSL token.